Mutant Toys

All year long (but mostly before events), Santa makes Mutant Toys!

Mutant toys

Here’s how it works:

* Santa accumulates misfit toys. Usually from the Goodwill Outlet stores
(aka, “the Bins” and such.)
* Santa gets together at Mutant Toy Workshops
(in homes, bars, art spaces, etc)
* Santa deconstructs these toys, hot glue guns them back together in new, creative forms
* Toys are wrapped normally when appropriate for children, white side out when naughty
(pointy, sexy, smutty, alcohol references…anything you wouldn’t want a kid to have or a kids’s parent mad at you for)
* Toys are given to good and bad little boys and girls at Santacon!

For more information on Portland’s Mutant Toy workshops, check out the facebook page: