Stumptown Events is a pub crawl company which runs themed, usually costumed, pub crawls with some level of charitable fundraising factor.

Stumptown’s Santa event is traditionally the 3rd Saturday in December. This year 12/19/15

This is NOT the traditional, since 1996, prank-ridden, naughty-santa, cacophony event.
This IS a everyone is welcome, heavily-promoted, "more is better" pub crawl. If you’ve only just heard about Santacon and think of it as "Getting drunk in a Santa Costume" this is for you.
…that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be a jerk though.
If you’ve already been to the ones and tossed flaming fruitcake from a catapult, but want to go have fun dressed like Santa once more…this is for you too!
The schedule is published ahead of time (likely barring some wiggle room based on estimating the travel time of hundreds of Santas, many of whom may be drunk.)

*Note. Stumptown Events is an organization which grew out of another group called Stumptown Crawlers. The original founders of Stumptown Crawlers has some, shall we say, "issues" with the Cacophony society, intellectual property exploitation, and obeying the 4th Fuck. Hence the organization having a new name under a new board. You may have heard rumors of conflict, but these days, everyone in the Portland Santa community gets along. Praise Santa!