Portland Santacon more years than not has met at noon at Skidmore Fountain the second Saturday in December.  This is one of those years.

Specifics will NOT BE RELEASED until Santa is about to start. Santacon is an adventure, it is not a Disneyland ride or corporate sponsored "pub crawl". Santa does not charge Santa money for Santacon. Santa thus does not owe Santa’s money’s worth. Santacon is an exercise in radical self-reliance, and Santa.

Santacon is about quality, not quantity. Feel free to wander around central Portland looking for the other Santas. If that doesn’t lead you to adventure, you need to re-evaluate your definition of adventure.

Santacon is a party. At a party at your house, you’re more likely to go out of your way to invite people who will enhance the party, and not strangers who want to crash. Instead of emailing "Where’s Santacon?" consider introducing yourself, coming to some of the earlier events, and making some mutant toys!